Saturday, July 26, 2014

Loads Of Dots


Difficulty : 

This week's daily nail art is full of colourful dots !

I've here used six colors -which you will like last time below-
You first need to apply your base ; once it is dry, apply the color you choose (I've chosen black !)

Using two dotting tools (one medium and one reaaaaally small), first make dots in the middle of each finger using a white nail polish. Then go over these white dots in pink (or the color you want).
Use your smaller dotting tool to do the exact same thing with two rows on each side of the large dots.
I decided to use different colors for each row, but you can use the same colors as much as you like. 

Once your dots are dry, apply your favourite top coat on top of it !

Put a comment in the box down below to let me know if you like this nail art design and show me your reproductions on my twitter

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