Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Loads of Dots #2

Difficulty : 

This week's nail art design looks a lot alike the design I've uploaded two weeks ago, but the colors are really different, so if you didn't like the other one, you might like this one and vice versa.

In this design, I've been using 5 different nail polishes. -go check the references below-

Like always, start by applying your base on each nail. 
Once your base is dry, apply your light blue nail polish -or the color you chose- on each nail twice
Once your second layer is dry, take a medium sized dotting tool and start drawing a column of dots in the middle of your nail in silver
Then take your little sized dotting tool and do two columns of dots in dark blue around the silver dots on your thumb and your little finger
Keep the same dotting tool but this time do the same for your ring finger and your index in a light purple. Do the exact same thing for your middle finger in light pink

Once all your nails are reaaaaaaaaaaally dry, apply your top coat on top of them all !

References :
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