Saturday, August 30, 2014


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Hey guys !
Due to my non existent internet access in my new appartment, I haven't been able to post anything for the last 2 weeks...
BUT good news are that I'll be getting my internet access in two weeks time. So keep in touch with me with facebook, twitter or even google plus ; I'll be posting the next weekly article ASAP !

So today's "weekly" manucure is called Switzerland !
For this manucure you'll only need one nail polish, a nail striper of your choice and a small sized dotting tool !

Before we get started, first apply your base. Once it is reaaaally dry, apply the first layer of your nail polish. 
Wait until your first layer is dry and then apply a second layer. 
Then, grab your nail striper and draw thick lines on both edges of your nail. Keep your nail striper in hand to draw lines pointing towards the end of your nail ; thoses lines are meant to meet up and look like an unfinished triangle shape.
Once your 'triangles' are dry, grab your dotting tool and use it with your nail polish to make dots on the center of your nail, on top of the nail striper lines you've been doing lastly. 

Once the entire manucure is done, use your favourite top coat to make it stay. 

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