Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cindy's Kingdom

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Hi girls ! I've got great news before we get started : I finally have an internet access ! So from now on, weekly articles will be truely WEEKLY ! 

So let's get going ; For this manucure you will need : two nail polishes, two nail stripers, a dotting tool AND a striping tape. You will be able to check the references down below in a few days time when I'm done upgrading my nail polish collection. 
First and foremost, like always, start by applying your base. Once it is dry, apply your first nail polish on each of your nails except for your ring finger. Apply your second colour on top of your ring finger. Once your first layers are dry, apply a second base on each of your nails. 

Once your second layers are dry, take two little bits of your striping tape. On top of your thumb, stick your striping tape in order to make a kind of a cross shake. On your index, apply your matte top coat. Then, grab one of your nail stripers and make a few stripes on top of your middle finger. Once you've done that, take your dotting tool and with your first nail polish, put dots on the side of your ring finger. Then take your other nail striper and draw a simple line in the middle of your ring finger. For your last finger, just draw dots on the edges of your nail with your second nail polish.

Once you've done each of these steps, apply a basic top coat on each of your fingers EXCEPT your index which already has a matte top coat !

TADAAA ! Then we're done ! ;)

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