Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pink Aztec

Difficulty : 

Hey girls ! This weekly manucure is quite the same as last week's, but a tiny more complete. It's less difficult, but you still need to remain patient though. Let's get started ! 
For this manucure you will need : a pink nail polish, a purple nail polish, a taupe nail polish, a white liner and a dotting tool. 

First, start by applying your base coat. Then paint each of your nails in pink. Once your coat is dry, paint a second one. When your second coat is dry, take your purple nail polish and draw a thick line in the middle of your nail. 
Then follow each of the steps below :
  • For your thumb and your ring finger : With your white liner, paint two thin lines surrounding your purple thick line. Then, draw thin lines in the purple spot shaping like triangles (like on the picture above). Take your little dotting tool and with your taupe nail polish, draw tiny dots on the pink space. Once your dotting tool cleaned, draw little dots on the white lines surrounding the purple line. 
  • For your index and your little finger : This step is surely the shortest and easiest ; with your dotting tool and your taupe nail polish, draw dots in the center of your nail !
  • For your middle finger : To finish your manucure, take your little dotting tool and your taupe nail polish, and draw a dotted pattern on your entire nail. Keep the spaces between the dots as equal as possible, as well as their sizes. I have to admit this is quite hard :p 
To end this tuto ; take your top coat and paint your nails with it once they all are dry.

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