Thursday, November 27, 2014

Yellow Ts

Difficulty : 

Hey guys ! After a little extra "How To N°1 : A Perfect Nail Cession" ; Here's the new weekly manucure ! 
For this manucure, you will need : a yellow nail polish, a black nail polish, a white nail polish, a blue nail polish, an orange nail polish, 3 different sized dotting tools and a white liner. 
First and foremost, start by applying your base coat.
Then, take your main nail polish (yellow for me) and paint your first coat. Once your first coat is dry, apply your second coat.
Then, take your black nail polish and draw a thick line in the middle of your nail with your nail polish's brush. Then, take a white liner and surround your black line with medium thin lines. Then, draw lines in the black spot ; they're meant to turn out as triangles. Once you've done that, trust me, the harder part is done, all you have left to do is making dots ! So take a little sized dotting tool, and take the last two nail polishes left. Just draw dots on the white line and switch colors each time (like on the picture above). Then, take a bigger dotting tool and draw two white dots inside the triangles, only on one side. On the other one, draw a few tiny white dots. Then, take a medium sized dotting tool and draw black dots inside the white dots. And then we're done ! 

To end this manucure, apply your top coat when your nails are dry !

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