Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How To N°1 : Nail Polish Cession

How to make a perfect nail polish cession. 

This extra article is to help you guys how to make a perfect nail polish cession. I'll be giving you a few tips so you can keep getting better ! 

Tip n°1 : Don't ever ever forget to put on a base : If you want your nails to be kept clean (white) underneath your nail polish, it is important to put a base on. Never neglect this aspect of nail polishing. 

Tip n°2 : When laying down your base, make sure you make apply a thin coat. 

Tip n°3 : Paint your first coat thin : If your first coat is too thick, there will be two consequences to that. The first being, you will take a whole day waiting for it to dry, but MOSTLY : The final result won't be clean, your nail polish will have little splodges of air in it. 

Tip n°4 : ALWAYS wait for each coat to dry before painting another one over : If you do want nice clean nails, wait for each coat to dry (From the first, to the last one). Otherwise, the result in tip n°3 will be the same for this tip. 

Tip n°5 : Paint your second coat thicker than the first : Once your first coat is entirely dry, you can paint on your second coat. To make sure the color you want is really the one on your nail, you have to apply a thicker coat. (Thicker, but not really THICK. Just less thin.)

Tip n°6 : Top coat ! : Once you've done your manucure, wait until it is ENTIRELY dry. Otherwise, the nail polish will go away while you'll be applying your top coat. If you guys want a clear schedule : Wait one whole hour before applying your top coat. 

Tip n°7 : Just for the knowledge, a manucure takes around 6 hours to dry. For instance, if you take a fork and try rubbing your nail polish off with it, it will barely do anything. But, if you do anything else during the 6 hours, it's no problem if you just watch out. 

So guys that's all for today's extra article, next etra article will be a surprise ! I hope you liked reading and see you guys soon for the weekly manucure !