Friday, November 21, 2014

Crazy Red

Difficulty : 

Hey girls ! This weekly manucure is all about striping and dotting. Really fun, not so hard ; if you've been doing last week's manucure, this one is just as easy ! 
You will need : two different nail polishes, different sized dotting tools and a striping tape.
Start by applying your base. Once it is dry, you can apply on your thumb, your middle finger and your little finger two coats of your first nail polish. For your index and your ring finger, you can apply two coats of your other nail polish.
For your thumb : Take your dotting tool and your second color, and draw dots going from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Make a few big dots, surrounded by a few little dots.
For your index : Take your striping tape and draw 3 lines pointing in the same direction (see picture above). Then, apply one or two coats of your first nail polish and take off the striping tape immediately.
For your middle finger : With your second nail polish and a big dotting tool, draw 3 big dots on the edge of your nail. Then, draw 3 middle sized dots above those 3 big dots. And draw smaller dots on top of the previous ones, and then tiny little dots on top of the small dots. Once you're done, take the first nail polish and draw smaller dots in each row like on the picture above.
For your ring finger : Take 4 stripes of your striping tape stick two vertical lines close one to each other, and do the same horizontally. Then, paint one or two coats of your first color, and take off the tape as soon as possible and very quickly.
For your little finger : All you have left to do is take a big dotting tool with your second nail polish and draw a huge dot in the middle of your finger. Then, take the same dotting tool but with the first nail polish, and draw a huge dot on the half of your first dot ; it shapes like a moon ! 

Then, like always, apply your favourite top coat ! 

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