Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bubbly Pink

Difficulty : 

Hey girls ! This week's manucure is mainly done with a dotting tool, so it is easy, and very fun to do ! You will need three different nail polishes, a dotting tool with different sizes and striping tape
First, start by applying your base coat. Once it is dry, apply a first coat of your nail polish on each of your nails except your ring finger, and once it is dry, apply a second coat. For your ring finger, take a mettalic color and apply two coats. 

Then, with your dotting tool and your second color (a darker color ?), draw loads of dots on the bottom of each of your nails (except your ring finger) and then make fewer and smaller dots as you go up towards the top of your nail (like on the picture above).
Then, take your first nail polish and draw smaller dots into SOME of the previous dots you've been doing before. 
RING FINGER -TADA- : Take your striping tape and stick a line onto your nail. Then, take your first nail polish and paint one coat. Then, take IMMEDIATELY the striping tape off ! -Wow, what a clean line :) ) I've added a little bow for nails with nail art glue, but even without it, this manucure is just as pretty ! 
When you're done, finish by applying your favourite top coat. 

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