Saturday, November 8, 2014

In The Moonlight

Difficulty : 

Hey guys ! This week's manucure is a design i've uploaded in my very first article, but without a tuto. So this weekly challenge is to reproduce this one ! 4
For this manucure, you will need : two nail polishes, a dotting tool with a large size and a little size.
First and foremost, start by applying your base coat. Once you've done this, apply your first coat of polish with the lightest color. Once your first coat dry, apply a second coat. Then, take your other nail polish and cover two thirds of your nail with it. (I chose to change side on my first two nails, to make it look a little harder than it really is) 

Once this is done, take your big dotting tool and  make a big dot with your first color on the darker side ; your dot must be really close to the edge of the dark side. Make 3 or 4 dots drawing a vertical line. Then, take your little dotting tool, and draw 6 or 7 little dots on the edge of your nail, on the dark side (like on the picture above). 
You can now take your bigger dotting tool once again, but this time with the second color, and draw a big dot on half of each of your big dots ; these dots need to get on the lighter side of your nail : Your first dots will look like moons and half of your last dots will trespass on the other half of your nail. To get done with this manucure, take your little dotting tool and use it with your first color. All you have to do is draw little dots into the big dots we've made. All you have left to do is apply a top coat ! 
Tadaaa ! You now have dashing nails ! 

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