Friday, October 31, 2014

Special : Halloween nail art !

Difficulty : 

This weekly nail art design is out earlier because you girls need to prepare for halloween ! So I've decided to make a halloween design really fun to do and as easy as ABC. 
For this design, you will be needing : two nail polishes, a black one and a white one, a dotting tool and a medium thin nail art brush (check out the references below tuto)
Start by applying your base. Once it is dry, apply a first coat of white nail polish, and then apply a second one.

Once both of your coats are really dry, follow the instructions below :
  • For your thumb, your middle and little finger : start by taking your dotting tool, and draw two splodges like on the picture above, for the eyes. For the nose, just draw to little dots. Then, take a nail art brush and draw lines on the bottom of your nail for the "mouth", and with your nail polish, fill in black both sides on the edge of your nail. You can now see a skull through all of these lines and dots ! 
  • For your index and your ring finger : Crazy easy frankenstein : start by drawing two big dots for the eyes, and then just draw a line for the mouth. Just add lines on the mouth to make it look like a monster ! 
Once you're done, don't forget to add on your top coat to make it nice and shiny ! 

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