Friday, October 24, 2014

Puzzled Love

Difficulty : 

This weekly nail art design is a puzzle ! 
It's really fun and easy to do so grab two nail polishes and a dotting tool ! 
First, start by applying your base coat. Then, once this coat is dry, grab both of your black and white (or beige) polishes, and paint half of your nail white, and the other half black. 

Then, keep both of your nail polishes, and paint the bottom quarter of each nail in the opposite colour. For instance, on the white half, paint the bottom in black, like on the picture above. 
Once you've done that with each of your nails, take a dotting tool. With each part of your nail, make a big dot on the other part of each colour. (For instance, with a black part, make a black dot spreading towards the white part ; see picture above)

When you have done a dot for each part of each nail, apply a matte top coat on top of your nails !

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