Friday, October 17, 2014

Make It Short Til Spring


Difficulty : 

Hey guys !
This weekly manucure is so called so, because I know we all want this heavy weather over so we could enjoy the sun again and AGAIN !
However, you will be needing five different nail polishes, a dotting tool and a nail art brush. (Check the references down below the tuto)
First and foremost, start by applying your base. Once it is dry, apply one coat of your green nail polish. Wait until it dries (if only autumn and winter go past as quickly as you're waiting for your coat to dry...) And then apply a second coat.

Once you've done that, take your nail art brush (a thin one !!) and draw colourful leaves and a few flowers with your pink nail polish on all of your nails, with no specific pattern. Then, take your purple nail polish and draw very thin lines in the leaves and the flowers you've drawn to give them perspective, and make them more "realistic". Once you're done with that, grab your dotting tool and a yellow nail polish, and just make dots here and there next to your flowers and your leaves ; I also did a dot in the middle of each flower if you look carefully. Then, just to finish your  nail art, take your last nail polish and make just a few dots. Then we're done, you can just finish by applying your top coat !

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