Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Nail Art

Difficulty : 
Hey guys !
This weekly nail art is fall inspired ! So much darker as I usually do, but really loads of fun to do ! 
For this nail art, we will be using 6 different nail polishes and a thin nail art brush.
Start by applying your base coat. Once this is done, paint each of your nails with a black nail polish. 
Once your coat is dry, follow the instructions below :
  • For your thumb : Take a pink nail polish, and using a nail art brush, just do thick lines reaching towards the ends of your nail. Once your lines are dry, take a light brown nail polish and draw thiner lines into the pink lines we drew earlier.
  • For your index, your middle finger and your ring finger : With your silver nail polish, draw a a medium sized line in the middle of your nail. Then, grab your nail art brush, and draw really thin lines (those lines being irregular with different sizes) reaching towards the black sides of each nails. The effect expected is similar to a gradient (like on the picture above). It's really fun to do and really easy !
  • For your little finger : You just have to apply a matte top coat on top of it. When your top coat is dry, take your black nail polish and draw a thick line at the bottom of your nail, just like a french manucure. 

Once you're done with each of these steps, you can apply your shiny top coat on each of your nails except the little one (which already has been matified). 

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