Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pink Power Gradient

Difficulty : 

Hey Guys !
This weekly manucure is a pink gradient ! 
For this manucure you will need : a make up sponge, two nail polishes (check the references down below) and a top coat.

First and foremost, start by applying your base coat.
When you're done, take your make up sponge and your two nail polishes and apply a thick layer of each nail polish on your sponge. (Just like the picture below)

Then, press your sponge onto each of your nails as many times as you need until you get a satisfying gradient.
---My piece of advice on gradients : To protect your fingers while pressing your sponge onto your nail : put a few pieces of scotch around your nail ; the polish won't get onto your finger
If you have pale colors, I suggest you put on a white base first, then the colors will be brighter
Don't hesitate to start over again until you get the perfect gradient---

Once you've got the perfect gradient, apply immediatly your top coat ; Your colors will fade in each other better. 

References :