Sunday, September 28, 2014

Essie's Dots

Difficulty : 

This weekly nail art design is called Essie's Dots because I very mostly used Essie nail polishes. 
For this manucure, you will need : three different nail polishes and a medium sized dotting tool ! (Find the brands down below)
Start with your base ; once your nails are all dry, take your first nail polish and paint your thumb, your index and your little finger. Grab your second nail polish and apply it on your middle finger and your ring finger. 
Once your first layers are dry, apply a second layer on each of your nails. 
Once you're done, take your dotting tool and follow the instructions below :
  • Thumb : Take your second nail polish and start by drawing dots on the right edge of your nail leaving space between each of them. Then, take your third nail polish and fill in the blanks we left !
  • Index : Do the exact same thing but instead of drawing dots on the right edge, draw the dots on the left edge of your nail. 
  • Middle finger : This time, take your first nail polish and start by drawing dots on top of your nail leaving blanks bewteen them like we did the last time. (I did a few more rows, you can do as much as you want). And let's fill in the blanks with the third nail polish (using our dotting tool of course) !
  • Ring finger : The pattern here is basicaly the same as the middle thinger except that we draw the dots on the bottom edge of our nail. (Look at the picture)
  • Little finger : This pattern is similar to the second one, but instead of drawing a straight column, draw the dots from top left to bottom right
Once you're done with all your nails, wait for them to dry and then apply your top coat ! 

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