Friday, September 19, 2014

Manucure Lune


Difficulty : 

Hey guys, as promised the tuto from the VERY FIRST nail art manucure ever done : The "Manucure Lune" !
For this manucure you'll be needing : one OR two nail polish including a nude and and red or coral ; your top coat and your base.

First start by applying your base. Then, what is particular is the nail art is that I've decided to add my own touch to it. So I've put a nude nail polish as a color base. You can either do it, or let it be natural.

Once this is done, you have to make a choice ; You can either take an eyelet to help you with this design OR you can also just do the curve with your nail polishs' brush.
So take your second nail polish color (it may as well be your first), and fill in the rest of your nail leaving the base of your nail clear. 
Then, when your layer is dry, paint a second layer to make sure it is smooth. 

And once we're done with that, apply your top coat to make it nice and shiny. 
This week's nail art design was indeed special and I'm looking forward to receiving all of your recreations of this design so I can maybe post them on the blog if you're okay with that.

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