Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Spirit

Difficulty : 

Hey girls ! Today's weekly manucure contains snow and an Olaf inspired design. It's far from perfect I guess, but I hope you'll like it though. 
So for this manucure you will need : 5 nail polishes : White, Blue, Black, Light Brown and Orange. You'll also need 2 different sized dotting tool, and a nail art brush.
Let's get started ! First, start by applying your base. Once dry, paint each nail in blue. Paint a second coat.
Now's for the hard part : SNOWFLAKES. With your nail art brush and your white nail polish, draw one line on the edge of your nail, and make little lines on this big line. (I should totally film this tuto..) Because snowflakes are big, just draw some on the edge of your nail. Then, just fill in the rest of your nail with a few dots, some bigger and some smaller. For the little finger, I decided to draw a tree. Just take your nail art brush and just draw little lines shaping like a tree. Fill in the rest of your nail with little dots. 
Now's for the hardest part : OLAF. Our dear friend... First, start by drawing his head with your white nail polish. Just go over two thirds of your nail.Then, just do a little bump on top to make his head's shape look better. The neatest part was from far the hardest, trust me.
Then, just with your big dotting tool and your black nail polish, draw two dots for his eyes, go in with smaller dots and your white nail polish, and then take your tiniest dotting tool and draw tiny black dots inside the white ones. Take a nail art brush and draw his mouth (like on picture above) then just fill it in with your black nail polish. With a dotting tool, just draw out the teeth inside his mouth ! For his nose : Just take a basic dotting tool with your orange nail polish, make a dot and drag the dot towards the mouth. With your brown nail polish and your nail art brush, we just need to draw his eyebrows. Just make a thin line above his eyes. And to finish our Olaf, just make 3 lines on top of his head to do his hair ! 
The easiest and funiest part is to come : the ring finger. With your white nail polish, simply paint the bottom of your nail. Then, with a nail art brush and a black nail polish, just draw a line between the blue part and the white part ! 
Then just add on a top coat and that manucure is done !

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