Monday, January 26, 2015

Black Divine

Difficulty : 

Hey girls ! I'm now back on my blog, hope you didn't miss the tutos too much though, and even if you did, they are now back ! So today will be "Black Divine" an easy tuto but you will need tools for this lovely manucure : A little sized dotting tool and striping tape, once you've gathered these, you will need those nail polishes : A black nail polish, a silver mettalic polish, a gold one and a top coat as well as a matte top coat.

Let's get started ! First, like the old times, start by applying your base coat. Then, apply two coats of black polish on each of your nails. Let it dry and then follow the steps below the picture !

  • For your thumb, your index and your middle finger : make diamong shaped stripes with your striping tape on your three fingers ; you might want to change the numbers of diamonds though, like I did for the middle finger. Once you've sticked them well enough, put a layer of matte top coat on each of them and then immediately take the striping tape off. Once your top coat is dry enough, take your little dotting tool and make golden dots (with the golden nail polish) on each intersection like I did. Most importantly : DON'T apply any other layer of top coat on top of these or you might ruin the nice effect it is suppose to do.
  • Now for the easy part : Your ring finger : First apply your matte top coat on top of it, and then with your dotting tool and your black nail polish, just make regular dots all over your nail.
  • For the last part, which is really identical to the first step, your little finger : Apply your striping tape the same way you did precedently and instead of applying a matte top coat, apply your silver mettalic polish. Once again, take off the striping tape really fast before your nail dries. Once it is dry, take your dotting tool and make dots over the intersection of the lines. Once it is dry, apply your shiny top coat on top of it. 
Once you're done, you will really appreciate the mix between the two types of top coats ! I hope you liked this tuto, let me know in the comments space below the tuto ! 

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